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Ok here is my obligatory “hello my name is Redneck_Neighbor and I’m new here” post. A few things about me; I’m married and have four great kids ages 10, 7, 4, and 17 months. I’ve worked in the telecom industry since I went into the Air Force when I was 17. I enjoy all things redneck….country music, working on my old truck, camo, nascar, boots, and shooting things. I was baptized in the last year and I just recently came to truly know Jesus Christ. So this brings me to a question that I’d like to get your ideas and views on. I’ve applied for my concealed carry permit. This means that I can carry my pistol on me or in my vehicle legally. My question is if I use my sidearm in self-defense of myself or others am I still breaking a commandment if I kill the attacker? By carrying do I not trust in God to protect me? By defending myself am I not turning the other cheek? However if I didn’t protect myself wouldn’t that be the same as standing next to a tree with an axe in my hand and praying for the tree to come down? What do you think? 


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  1. it’s friday….not enough room in my brain to think!

    by the way, thanks for giving me yet another blog in which to subscribe.

    if you had your sidearm in your glovebox…is it really a “side” arm and would you have that kind of time to grab it should you be car jacked? I don’t have a problem with people having guns….but the practicality of keeping it in your glove box isn’t so much practical. If you’re wondering if you’re not trusting God enough, maybe read about what happened to David when he took the census……he thought he needed to see what kind of numbers he had in his army instead of trusting God to take care of him…..(see Moses and the battles he faced to see what God did for under-matched armies)

    I’m not newly saved, but I keep screwing up to where I feel like I’m not anywhere I need to be in my relationship with the Father, the Son or the Holy Ghost…….

    Hope my comments weren’t too confusing……take care!

    Comment by West | March 14, 2008

  2. Looks like people are really jumping on this one. A really good question. My expereince on this has been more of a journey than coming to a nice conclusion. I was raised and continue to be a part of a Mennonite Brethern community of faith. As such one of the tenets of belief is a strong emphasis upon non-violence. At a young age I was encouraged by a couple of leaders of our church to consider concientous objection. However, even at the age of 17 I was determined to do my part and register for the draft despite the larger churches conviction. Now it is also important for me to point out that for MBs a more important belief is the autonomy of the local church. We aren’t structured in such a way that national leadership dictates to the local church what can and can not be done. And so the implementation of these beliefs can vary from one church to the next. Personally, I own a shotgun that I keep in my closet with ammunition tucked away out of the reach of children yet positioned so that if necessary I can find and use it in the dark should the unthinkable happen. If it does happen will I do it? I really don’t know. Does it matter if I do? Right now, my personal experience says no. I have heard of others (particularly police officers) who have been put in that position and after the incident have sworn themselves to life of non-violence. Yes, Jesus said to turn the other cheek and I think we should do everything in our power to get along with everyone. But the Bible is also pretty clear about providing for our families and protecting the innocent. So again, personally, at this point in my life, yes I am comfortable with the scenarios you have laid out. Now as for the protection of God…never underestimate what God can do. Again I have heard the stories of missionaries who have faced certain death and yet miracuously God has provided a defense or protection for them. And maybe that is where the issue should really be focused. How much do I trust God to provide for me, my family, for others? Again…I’m in this life long process of trying to figure out exactly what that looks like. I am sure that my beliefs and attitudes may change on this over time and that is between me and God.

    I would really be interested to hear your take on this issue. BTW, I have a lot of friends who go to our church who have C&C permits and even wear their guns to church on Sunday morning. I’m cool with it…what do other people think about individuals carrying in church on a Sunday AM?

    Comment by kenyongerbrandt | March 14, 2008

  3. Came by way of shlog…

    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, but the idea of carrying in church cracked me up. Why not?! I wouldn’t mind carrying in a few churches! (not offending…just bad humor)

    Comment by 86753oh9 | March 14, 2008

  4. Shaun said I should jomp over here and say hey…so “Hey!”

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Comment by Dale Best | March 14, 2008

  5. Is the ability to obtain a firearm, use it proficiently and the opportunity to use it to protect myself or others a gift from God? If all things are provided by God for which we need then maybe this is the means that He chose to provide to care for my or others safety.

    Comment by redneckneighbor | March 15, 2008

  6. We have a few people I’m sure are “carrying” in our church – at least I hope they are! Totally correct to defend oneself and one’s family (extended to family as in church or immediate vicinity humans as far as I am concerned). We have weapons, know how to use them and don’t actively go looking for trouble (well not gun type trouble – some days I like to just stir a little something up in the hubby department but that might be TMI). When you read the Old Testament,God was not a wimp,Jesus was definitely not a wimp. One bible class said the correct translation of original text (that always gets somebody worked up – translations) meant murder – not just killing someone by accidently knocking them over with your ox team or ending their life because they were trying to end yours. Murder was the intent to kill – killing was what happens when too many humans get in the same general area too long. Perhaps you need to check with somebody far more theologically smart than me – (which is about 87% of the earth’s current population) but for now – carry that sidearm and if you come to Texas – we’ll invite you out to our place for target practice (have to put targets on my WalMart shopping list). Welcome to Blogdom – but mostly – welcome to being a Brother in the faith. Even if you do live near Shaun who decorates cakes. Just joshing Shawannn!

    Comment by Linda Sue | April 2, 2008

  7. I used to carry in my former neighborhood (wealthy tourist area) but now I live in rural nowhere and don’t.
    I really do believe it’s a personal issue…

    In my mind, I knew I would take a bullet and go to Jesus, but I would never let some psycho take out a group of kids at our teen center… If faced with the “in church” question, I guess I would ask who exactly the attacker was intending to take out before squeezing my own trigger…

    Isn’t ti fun when FAITH and LIFE really do interact?

    Peace. (and I really mean that)

    Comment by RevJeff | June 6, 2008

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