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Keeping Mum About Poo


I’ve been overwhelmed with emails asking for an update on my poor buddy that was suddenly and violently attacked by the return of Stinky Pete.  Ok not really but I’m going to give you an update anyway.

 My buddy was instructed to NOT go and speak with the poor next door neighbor. He has been back out there for work but for some reason it’s a lot more desolate than before. So he’s still employed and very few of us know what happened out there in the boondocks of West Tennessee. We do however make sure and remind him of the experience every chance we get. He’s received a “no dumping” sign that was placed on his windshield at one point. Another time a roll of TP was left on the antenna of his truck and of course a litany of phone pictures of candy bars, tootsie rolls or anything else that could resemble poo with the obligatory ““Name Withheld” was here” written somewhere in the picture. He’s not alone though in the ribbing. The manager that did the dirty work has received a pack of pooper scooper bags to keep on his truck…..yes, we are juvenile and proud of it. If you have any good torture ideas please feel free to prolong this poor guys indignity and pass them along.


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