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Why does it seem that we as humans are more satisfied when we’re unhappy or failing? Or worst why are people more satisfied when OTHER people are unhappy and miserable? If you are one of the happy and satisfied people walking this earth then what do you do to stay there? I know there is no magic trick or secret breathing technique (or is there?!?!?) but what helps you to stay positive or satisfied? I feel like I’m constantly under attack and being bombarded by negative and evil. Is this because I recently came to truly know Christ? Am I now caught up in the cosmic battle between good and evil? Honestly I like to think of it that way because it sounds so dang manly!!!! I’m a soldier for Christ. I’m fighting in the trenches. I end up bloodied and beat down at times but other times I feel like God has blessed me with the strength and abilities to slay the evil that assaults me. But when I’m at my low moments what suggestions do you have to help me climb back up and get back in the fight? Is it a matter of just doing it over and over and getting stronger from the fight?



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  1. I know that once I met Christ I became more conscious of the negativity surrounding me. I am still learning how to deflect it and use it to help people come to know Christ. Hang in there…

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I read it and laughed. Then I thought…wait, is he calling ME and idiot?

    Comment by Mandy | April 5, 2008

  2. we like it when other people are down… makes us feel better for some effed up reason…..maybe because we only have the “outside in” perspective. Meaning we only see what we want to see and think they’re lives are better than ours. Then when they screw up, we feel better because it wasn’t us.

    Comment by West | April 7, 2008

  3. I have such a little old lady thing I do when I am getting truly overwhelmed – I sing songs like Trust and obey, The Old Rugged Cross, How Great Thou Art (especially that one – I love the line about the rolling thunder). Being a non multitasker – it is hard for my mind to retain all the crud dragging my spirit down when I am consciously speaking (my singing is more like speaking) words which are not negative. Also – I eat something really wonderful like chocolate. Mature Christian huh? Guess I’m not the one to ask. BTW – I don’t feel better if you feel like stinky pete – I cry about you.

    Comment by Linda Sue | April 26, 2008

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