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To save my soul I may vote for Obama.

Hey have you heard about John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin? Have you seen her?

If you ask me I think she’s pretty dang hot!!! Now I’m a gun loving, gun toting, red blooded republican. However I have a difficult time maintaining my pure virginal thoughts when I see Palin. Now I can resist a woman that’s in a position of power. I can resist a woman in a business suit. I can resist a woman with her hair pinned up. I can even sometimes resist a woman with glasses. But when you put them all together… that’s just not fair. So I may have to give up my political beliefs so that I may be able to save my soul.


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Mellowing out with grass.

No not that kinda grass either….I’m always impressed how the simplest things in life are always the most calming & relaxing. People spend so much money on books, movies, coaches, vacations, etc all in the name of relaxation. Yet I find myself sitting on my front porch watching fresh cut grass blowing in a warm breeze and I don’t feel the pressures of life or have a care in the world…..granted that “no feeling” feeling is short lived but oh so important.

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Lost In The Chaos…

Have you ever felt that detached feeling. That feeling that you’re observing a room but you’re not really there. Worse still is that wave of chaos washing over you when your brain can’t seem to keep up with your surroundings. Well that is my typical lunch date when I visit my kids at school during this second most important time of the day. The first of course being recess.

I’m always humbled and a bit awe struck every time I join them. I always feel so overwhelmed by the motions of little feet & hands, heads spinning, food being inhaled, the noise….the CHAOS!!!! Sorry, flashback. Honestly, I get this extremely lonely and detached feeling.

For some reason two things struck me today. The first being the chaos that’s ALWAYS present in the lunchroom. Not so much the chaos but the affects that it has on my children. I know how I feel in that environment so I wonder what it does to their emotional state. Obviously their whole day is not like the maddening 30 minutes they experience in the cafeteria, but I wonder what the difference would be if they ate their little lunches in a quieter & more soothing atmosphere?

The second thing was how much food was being consumed & wasted. Now I’ve never been to a third-world nation & personally witnessed hunger or ever felt hunger but I couldn’t help but contrast what I imagined lunchtime at an orphanage somewhere in Africa & what I was witnessing. How do you teach/tell your kids about how blessed they are?

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Now just what do you think they were discussing?

This is a real quote from an overheard conversation between a woman and her boyfriend….”Now how would you feel if your nuts were the size of my boobs?!?!”

I only wish that I knew what started this obviously deep and philosophical coversation and what his response was. Unfortunately I was not privy to either.

Any guesses?

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and I thought my leatherman was the greatest tool invented…

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