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Guns and Jesus


Ok here is my obligatory “hello my name is Redneck_Neighbor and I’m new here” post. A few things about me; I’m married and have four great kids ages 10, 7, 4, and 17 months. I’ve worked in the telecom industry since I went into the Air Force when I was 17. I enjoy all things redneck….country music, working on my old truck, camo, nascar, boots, and shooting things. I was baptized in the last year and I just recently came to truly know Jesus Christ. So this brings me to a question that I’d like to get your ideas and views on. I’ve applied for my concealed carry permit. This means that I can carry my pistol on me or in my vehicle legally. My question is if I use my sidearm in self-defense of myself or others am I still breaking a commandment if I kill the attacker? By carrying do I not trust in God to protect me? By defending myself am I not turning the other cheek? However if I didn’t protect myself wouldn’t that be the same as standing next to a tree with an axe in my hand and praying for the tree to come down? What do you think? 


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Who Gives a Crap!!!


So you think you have a crappy job and you are tired of all the crap you have to put up with?!?! Well a buddy of mine that I work with had a bad day…..We work in telecom and our job entails us working at remote locations or even remote “pedestals” (think of the little metal boxes you see on the side of roads). Some of our maintenances and projects last all day and sometimes all night so we can be stuck out at these locations for quite a while. Well my buddy drew the short straw and he was assigned to work at one of these remote locations yesterday when the big breakfest we all enjoyed at Perkins came back to rear it’s ugly head. So he’s stuck out at this one particular site that is remote from any kind of commercial development but is close to some homes. Not wanting to intrude on the couple right nextdoor and recreating the scene from “Along Came Polly” our fearless technician ventured out behind what he thought was an abandoned barn. He was able to finish the maintenance and go along his merry way. Unfortunately our boss, a director, and a manager from our group happened to be making their first trips out to visit some of our new sites. When they arrived at this particular site all seemed well. Until the lady from nextdoor came out. She ripped them up oneside and down the other. Apparently she had discovered our technicians own lil Stinky Pete. So our director got chewed out and the manager had to go “deal” with the mess. My poor co-worker thought he was going to be fired and was obviously very embarassed!!! Thankfully our director decided to keep it quiet and let the embarassment of the situation be my buddies punishment. Plus he has to go apologize to the couple face-to-face Monday morning. Of course the manager that did the dirty work is owed a lunch because he apparently left his back at the site…….

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